Marvel’s Iron Man VR Arrives 2019 on PlayStation VR!


The ultimate Iron Man fantasy game. Exclusively for PlayStation VR.

Per Polygon:

The trailer for Iron Man VR mostly consists of a combat sequence that takes place in midair. Tony Stark’s plane is ambushed by unknown forces. With the help of his digital assistant, FRIDAY, he leaps from the crippled vessel, dons the Iron Man suit, and goes into action. Players can clearly be seen using their hands to attack enemies with the Iron Man suit’s iconic hand blasters. The trailer also includes cutscenes clearly labeled as “not actual gameplay.”

According to Marvel’s own blog post on the announcement, Stark “confronts ghosts from his past — powerful forces who seek to ruin him and everything he stands for [alongside] iconic allies and Super Villains as they jet around the globe on a heroic mission to save not only Stark Industries, but the world itself.”

This particular Iron Man suit is called the Impulse Armor, and is a brand new design from illustrator Adi Granov. The Marvel post also includes an animation that appears to show some of the flight mechanics and maneuverability that the final game will offer players.


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